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Personal Statement

My journey into art therapy started during my final year of college in 2014. I was hired during the summer as an art teacher where I taught arts and crafts to a group of elementary school children. That is when I first saw the positive effects that art could have on other people and on myself. With this in mind, I decided to share some of my ideas and ask my mentor and former psychology professor for guidance. Dr. Rupert Nacoste combines his training in group facilitation to teach empowering courses on health in interpersonal relationships and Neo-Diversity. He offered to do a six-month group facilitation training where I would learn about ways to engage with a group of people in order to have fruitful and meaningful interactions.  


I began combining my love for art with my training in Psychology and group facilitation by creating graphics (inspired by my Mexican heritage and love for other cultures) with quotes about women empowerment, diversity, and mental health. Despite having no professional training in art, my designs began getting recognition on multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve had the pleasure to see the positive effect my designs have had on the lives of women who have given me incredible feedback and support. In the past year, I’ve seen my blog and Instagram account grow into a community of over 12k people organically. 

My goal for the future is to serve my community and impact the lives of women and youth by merging my group facilitation skills with my deeper knowledge of art therapy. I want to continue creating art and content that will contribute to breaking down the stigma around mental health and social justice. In the long run, I also want to create illustrative books for youth with a focus on mental health represented through diverse environments and cultures. 

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